We're Three Legged Tacos - a food truck, catering and popup company with a commitment to supporting other local Chicago businesses and charitable causes.

We prepare traditionally-inspired Oaxacan and Yucatecan Mexican food. For the most part we put these regional dishes into taco form - a more accessible way to enjoy the richness of these flavors.

That’s why Three Legged Tacos has a firm commitment to supporting local purveyors, charities and non-profits, including organizations like the Greater Chicago Food Depository and Heartland Animal Shelter through the standing commitment of 3% of our profits. This will never change – no matter what. Got more ideas for causes to support? We’re all ears.

So reach out – Give us a call, visit our website, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for what we’re up to, where we’re at and more information on upcoming events.

Nuestros amigos - Que Dios nos bendiga, hay pocos como nosotros.


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City of Chicago and Chicagoland Areas


Corporate Events, Private Parties, Weddings.

We do catering a bit differently than the rest - instead of dry food and bad plate ware, we like to bring our own process directly into your space.

We set up wherever you like (in the colder months usually inside) with our serving station and after working with you in advance to pick the best menu options for your guests, serve each taco to your guests' order in front of them. We get to interact, make sure everything is right the first time.

We find our clients really respond to our unconventional methods - it's more personal, fun and intimate.

Please visit our catering page HERE for more details.

Events over 100 people under special circumstance only, to safeguard quality of product.

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City of Chicago and Evanston

Food Truck

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The food truck is our home base - it's the mothership, our traveling billboard, the heart and soul of Three Legged Tacos. Look for us at Bars, Breweries, festivals, on the street and even the occasional hip wedding.

Our truck is our mission to help bring the incredible flavors of Oaxaca and Yucatan to the people in an accessible and democratic way. This isn't pretentious food; it's good food.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to learn more about where we are, what we're serving, who we're supporting and what's new on a week-to-week basis.

Additionally, sign up for our newsletter HERE for updates via email including discounts, promotions and community activities we're involved in.


City of Chicago and Evanston


Imagine a food truck appearance but indoors - at bars and tap rooms throughout the area.

Popups are just like food truck service, but we bring it in out of the cold. During the winter months in Chicago, it can be tough to entice your customers to venture outside into the punishing tundra of the city.

That's where we come in. Imagine being able to have an on-call restaurant in your bar, brewery, distillery, art gallery, community center, without having to pay for a restaurant license or all that pesky overhead - we pop up, we sell to your customers, they stay longer, you make more money, we all benefit.

Give us a call at 512.680.1719 or email us at i.nfo@threeleggedtacos.com for information about booking popups and food truck appearances.

See you on the street.

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